Handbag and purse care - Efendi dry cleaners

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Great ways to look after your armcandy

1. When brand new use a protective spray and give the inside and outside of your bag/purse at least 3 coats of protective spray making sure each layer is thoroughly dry. This will ensure that the fabric or leather will not absorb any spills or ground in dirt. This will help give maximum results once cleaned.
2. Avoid holding the handles straight after using hand cream. Clean hands are also essential. This will stop the handles from getting contaminated.
3. Did you know that Efendi offer a mini spa treatment for the inside of your bag/purse without having the outside cleaned. Your bag will feel fresh and it will also help eliminate the build up of bacteria.
4. As Efendi always says, never try to remove stains at home yourself. Same rule applies to your clothes. We have a better chance of obtaining maximum results with untampered stains. NEVER EVER RUB!!
5. Coffee, pen or make-up. Most stains can be removed so don't despair. 

Award winning dry cleaners - Efendi

Efendi wins Havering Business Award 2010

Efendi started out in 1996, specialising in designer wear and wedding dresses. They have built up a solid reputation by being professional and competent. 2009 was a disastrous year. The recession took away many of their customers, trade was further hampered by road works, weather conditions and a costly and time-consuming legal battle following an arson attack.
Efendi Dry Cleaners has overcome all adversities. With hard work, dedicated staff and loyal customers, Efendi is thriving, and is due to open it's third branch in Brentwood, Essex in August.
Efendi Dry cleaners have also added Handbag Cleaning to their list of services. Never dismay at any problems you may have with your favourite handbags or purses. They can be cleaned and restored.

Wedding dress display in Canary Wharf - Efendi

wedding dress display

Window display in Canada Place, Canary Wharf in April 2011.

This seasons hot buys - Efendi Dry cleaners

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Before you start shopping for this seasons hot buys you might want to consider delving into your wardrobe and having a spring clean. It's a good time for 'out with the old in with the new', but it's also a great time to find old lost treasures.

Here are some steps to guide you on how to spring clean your wardrobe and get prepared for some hot summer days.

Step one :
Make sure all winter coats are cleaned before putting away. Not only are we all tired of seeing them but they take-up too much room. They crush our lovely silks and linens and stop us from seeing clearly what we have in our wardrobes.
Step two:
Make sure all your knitwears are clean before storage and wrapped in acid frees tissue. Store them in breathable storage boxes. Never leave them hanging throughout summer as this causes them to loose shape. This way you will have a lovely array jumpers still looking like new ready for next winter.
Step three:
Do not store any of your clothes in the polythenes you get back from the drycleaners. These can cause your clothes to discolour. If you come across any summer linens and silks that have yellow, unexplainable stains, this is usually due to storage in polythenes. It also happens to garment that have been put away without being cleaned. 
Step four:
Give your cupboards a good dusting to make sure there is no breeding ground for moths.
Then spray your cupboards and draws with fragrances which deter moths.
Step five:

Suit and shirt cleaning - Efendi dry cleaners

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Suits and Shirts

You need to speak to your boss but your suit looks like you have been sleeping in it.
Solution: efendi.
How long: The express service will have your shirt pressed, buttons resawn and zips mended and ready for collection at the store by 5pm.
How much: Next day service starts at £2.95 for a single washed and pressed shirt, £14.50 for a new zip and £1.50 to re-sew a button. Add on 12 per cent for this shop's express service.
How to: Head to efendi beforee 10:30am to be eligible for the express service.
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