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Whites and lights

Do you worry when purchasing white accessories? The biggest problem is maintaining them. Right? Wrong!
At Efendi we offer a colour restorations service, stain removal and mini Spa treatments.
1- Always spray the leather all over with Colonil Spray when new.
2- Always take your shoes to a reputable shoe care company. Get advice on having them soled. Wet weather and general dirt and grime will ruin leather soles and reduce the life span of your shoes. Soles will protect them.
3- Always keep clean before storing and use Acid free tissue inside and out. Not only will the tissue help maintain the shape but it will absorb moisture and prevent your shoes and handbags from loosing its newness.
4- If all else fails and you need some advice then email us on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


A Brief History

Efendi Dry cleaners have been trading since 1996, although the family have been in business in London since 1952.

Efendi began by specialising in expensive designer wear and wedding dresses but were soon swamped with all types of garments from discerning customers seeking a professional, competent service. Over the years their reputation has grown and many independent boutiques recommend Efendi dry cleaners to their customers for cleaning and alterations. As well as a high standard of cleaning Efendi offer a comprehensive repairs and alterations studio and partake in all types of alterations on expensive designer wear.

In 2003 their excellence bought them to the attention of Canary Wharf Management, who invited Efendi to occupy a unit in their new shopping complex.
In 2010 Efendi won 'havering business of the year'.


About us - Efendi Dry Cleaners

Ali and Janan are the husband and wife team who set up Efendi in 1996, however both Ali and Janan have a longer history in dry-cleaning.

Ali's mother used to run her dry cleaning business back in 1978. Janan's family also ran their own dry-cleaning company back in 1973.

They currently have 10 employees from seven different nationalities spaning in age from 22-72.

Dry cleaning and quality service is second nature to the couple, it's what they do best.
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