Green Issues

Efendi Dry cleaners have been in advance of the 2007 solvent regulation act and were one of the first dry cleaners to install the revolutionary Aqua-tex wet wash machinery when EU regulations enforced a ban on Fluorocarbon solvents. We use the newest, most energy-efficient equipment available.
Our solvent usage is 30% under the E.U allowance. All our solvent waste is recycled by a authorized waste disposal company that fully abides with the 2005 Hazardous waste regulations and is affiliated to the National Environment Agency.

After a very long wait (6 months to be precise) we are proud to say that we are moving into our new, centrally located plant. Our latest machinery is the best and the Greenest in its category. We are even more energy efficient then before. Our machinery will consume 50% less chemicals. 



Can you give us feedback regarding our packaging?  Before 2015 is through we are aiming to reduce the usage of carrier bags and polythene in our stores by at least half. Please help us achieve this goal. Your feedback can help us do it.
If you have any thoughts on this matter please email us. You can by letting us know what you think about the packaging you already receive from us. Is it too much?, How would you like to receive your garments back? Would you use a bag for life?
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Emails we receive regarding this issue will in return receive a 15% discount voucher to use with us. 
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